Who Is Luz?

Luz is a Dutch board artist.

Her ‘Wetdecks’ art project, named after the fluid wet-look style of painting, gives a second life to old skate, surf and snowboards.

The boards hold a hundred stories – and so Luz uses crystal resin (similar to the famous amber resin that can preserve a dead organism for thousands of years) to restore and preserve both board and legacy of the board rider.

Luz is currently living in Barcelona and exhibits internationally.


Luz es una artista de tablas.

Su proyecto de arte ‘Wetdecks’, llamado así por el estilo fluido de la pintura y la textura de la resina, da una segunda vida a tablas viejas.

Ella utiliza resina de cristal (similar a la famosa ámbar que puede conservar un organismo muerto durante miles de años) para salvar las tablas y honorar los boardriders y sus historias.

Luz vive en Barcelona y exhibe internacionalmente.

Luz Skatepark
Luz with one of her Cosmic Wetdecks in Barcelona – Mecca of skaters

Wetdecks ‘Skate the World’

Debut Expo: Kube Gallery, Bergen, Norway. Sept 2017

Each board in the ‘Skate the World’ series of Wetdecks has been inspired by a specific place in the world – either personal to me or to the skaters that have donated the decks.

To see the full collection click here or navigate to ‘Expositions

Svalbard, Arctic Ocean
‘The Wave’, Arizona, USA
Tenerife, Canary Islands

Cosmic Wetdecks

Expo: Wynwood Point Gallery, Barcelona, Spain. November 2017

Bigger is Better. The Cosmic Wetdecks serier features large pieces like a surfboard, kiteboard and wakeboard and draws its inspiration from the planets and wild nebulas of our universe.

To see the full collection click here or navigate to ‘Expositions

Jupiter – Wakeboard
Krupac Crater, Mars – Skateboard
Nebula Surfboard