The Holy Kale: A Tale of Rags to Riches

What images do you conjure up at the word ‘kale’ ? Yoga-attire-clad green smoothie drinkers? A cluster of deep green, gorgeously curled leaves in a health food market? Or a steaming swamp of mush adorned with awkward chunks of shiny sausage? If you’re Dutch, I guarantee you it would have been the latter. ‘Stamppot metContinue reading “The Holy Kale: A Tale of Rags to Riches”

You Are What You Speak: How Language Shapes Personality

One of the most important lessons travel and a life abroad has taught me is that language is everything.  Every country has a unique ‘voice’ – and when you delve into its language you see that country through entirely different eyes (…or in this case; ears!). Through understanding the content of local conversation or culturalContinue reading “You Are What You Speak: How Language Shapes Personality”